Sharkwater Extinction

Wednesday 3 Apr 2019 - 6:30pm

Some heroes are real... Every year 150 million sharks go missing... where they end up will shock you.

"There is simply no issue more important. Conservation is the preservation of human life on earth, and that, above all else, is worth fighting for.” - Rob Stewart

When he discovers that sharks are being hunted to extinction, and hand in hand with their demise is the destruction of our life support system, award winning filmmaker, diver, and environmental activist Rob Stewart embarks on a dangerous journey to stop this mass slaughter. Following the sharks - and the money - Rob seeks to expose the elusive pirate fishing industry, and uncovers a multi-billion dollar scandal that makes us all complicit in the greatest wildlife massacre ever known.

Although dealing with such a devastating international subject, and ultimately very sad personal story, Sharkwater Extinction is a beautiful film with stunning underwater photography. If you liked David Attenborough's The Blue Planet you will want to see this outstanding environmental documentary - particularly on the big screen!!!

"5/5 "Visually stunning, a must-see for all generations." - Tribute

"One of the most important documentaries you will see." - HSI

"3/4 stars "One last great act of environmental heroism."- Globe and Mail

"Sharkwater Extinction is a solid journalistic work that honours the man who made it." - Norman Wilner, NOW Toronto

ABOUT ROB STEWART: Canadian filmmaker, diver, and environmental activist Rob Stewart’s posthumous follow-up to his 2006 documentary Sharkwater revisits the  massive slaughter of sharks for the sake of fins deemed to be delicacies in some oriental cuisine. If sharks were human, we’d call it genocide. But sharks don’t have to be human to be deserving of a right to exist.  They’ve done so, as a form of aquatic life, for millions of years.  If that doesn’t earn them our respect, Stewart points out the invaluable role they play as the apex predators of the seas, balancing the numbers of other fish, who, in their absence, are likely to wreck havoc on the plankton that generates a great deal of the oxygen upon which we depend to exist.  It makes us uneasy to see Stewart swimming unprotected amongst their wild creatures; but he insists there is nothing to fear, pointing out that more people are killed by elephants every year than by sharks. Stewart’s tireless advocacy for species toward which many of us might otherwise give little heed and his skill as a documentary filmmaker (his second feature documentary, Revolution, was released in 2012) are as admirable as his work is timely. What should strike a chord with the audience was Stewarts’s decision to focus on optimism and the better aspects of human nature rather than succumb to bitter despair over our apparent greed. Now, that’s something to admire and emulate.

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Rob Stewart
Rob Stewart, Will Allen, Brock Cahill, Regi Domingo, Madison Stewart, Ryan Watson
1hr 28mins