12 Point Kill

LIM International Short Film Competition Programme 1

Saturday 17 Nov 2018 - 1:00pm

Since 1999, the Foyle Film Festival has been an Oscar® affiliated festival - one of only a handful of festivals to enjoy this honour. In addition, Foyle Film Festival enjoys BAFTA recognition since 2009. Recipients of the Light in Motion (LIM) awards can submit their film for consideration in the Short Film Animation categories of the Academy Award® without the standard theatrical run.

Programme 1

Programme Duration: 1 Hr 28 mins


Inside The Wardrobe

In a world where appearance is more important than what’s inside, Frank has lost everything and now lives on the street. To survive and reintegrate into society he can only count on his ability to adapt, his imagination, his suit and his closet.

France 2017 Director: Sebastien Carfora Duration: 27 mins


Dodgy Dave

An East-End drug dealer has to take his son to work and spends the day struggling to connect with him.

UK 2017 Director: Charlotte Regan Duration: 8 mins


12 Point Kill

The hunted becomes the hunter as a young girl takes revenge on her abusive stepfather.

UK 2018 Director: Iain Mitchell Duration: 14 mins



A woman desperately tries to find a carer for her aging, senile mother. A short drama that looks into the life of a woman, whose loyalties rest firmly at odds with her future.

UK/Japan Director: Jack King Duration: 15 mins



Tired of spending every day alone, this Christmas, Jean decides she’ll do something about it.

UK 2018 Director: JD Hampton Duration: 10 mins



CC is an AID (Artificially Intelligent Device) leased by Lena Howard to take care of her daughter Adelaide. When a violent incident occurs between CC and Lena, an investigative team must determine what happened.

Canada 2018 Directors: Kailey & Sam Spear Duration: 14 mins


All films in the competition have yet to receive certification. Some films may contain strong language, content and scenes that may be upsetting. For viewers under 18 years of age, parental discretion advised as programme may not be suitable.