Hear My Voice

Hear My Voice

Thursday 9 Aug 2018 - 7:00pm

Director Brendan Byrne, artist Colin Davidson and Alan McBride from WAVE will attend this special presentation and discussion.

Hear My Voice, a short film by Brendan J. Byrne (Bobby Sands: 66 Days), combines Colin Davidson’s stunning portrait collection, Silent Testimony, with the spoken words of the victims and survivors of the Northern Irish Troubles, featured in the paintings. 

In Hear My Voice, Brendan Byrne focuses on the forgotten voices of his homeland, those still paying the price of Northern Ireland’s fragile peace. Whilst the events that dramatically changed their lives took place in the past, the film captures how our contributors’ loss continues to endure in a powerful short documentary that tells an uncomfortable and little heard narrative from the Northern Ireland conflict, 20 years after the guns fell silent. The experiences of the contributors are as relevant to those surviving loss today in cauldrons of conflict such as Syria, Iraq and Rohinga, or those individuals and families recovering from random acts of violence in Paris, Berlin or Nice.

Byrne uses Davidson’s paintings as the film’s visual spine, complemented by a classical score by composer Brian Byrne, the beautiful cinematography of Richard Kendrick and the skilful editing of Greg Darby.

Recommended PG.

Brendan Byrne