Foyle Film Festival Light in Motion Competition: International Short Film Programme 1

Saturday 28 Nov 2020 - 10:30am to 12:00pm

Programme 1 duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Please note all films in competition have yet to receive certification. Some films may contain strong language, content and scenes that may be upsetting. For viewers under the age of 18, parental discretion is advised, as programmes may not be suitable.

The Woman of the House

Lucia receives a terrible news after her children have gone to school: a stranger tells her that has one of her daughters held and she has to pay for her life. For a few minutes Lucia will live a real horror.

Spain. 2019. Director: Felipe Espinosa. Duration: 13 minutes.



After surviving assault, an enigmatic 17-year-old Mexican girl finds retribution through her untapped female power and local witch culture.

USA. 2019. Director: Ashley George. Duration: 15 minutes.



For the first time since her father's death 20 years ago, Rhea returns to the boathouse to prepare it for sale. But the past events still haunt her to this day.

Switzerland. 2020. Directors:Noah Frey, Jelena Vujovic. Duration: 19 minutes.


They Remained Silent

A scrupulous lawyer with a high sense of responsibility is appointed to defend one of the accused of the so-called "ATM's crime", where three young men burned a homeless woman. But when she first meets her client, he strongly refuses to plead guilty.

Spain. 2020. Director: Albert Folk. Duration: 18 minutes.


Good Ol' Bernie

Just retired, Bernie has only one goal left: Win the next regional game of race walking!

France. 2020. Directors: Olivier Ducray, Wilfried Méance. Duration: 11 minutes.



David needs help. So does David. 

U.S.A. 2020. Director: Zachary Woods. Duration: 11 minutes.