Friday 15 Mar 2019 - 7:00pm

Jacqueline Walker and the director Jon Pullman will take part in a post-screening discussion

In 2015, while the far right was gaining ground around the world, socialist MP Jeremy Corbyn was elected as leader of the UK Labour Party in a landslide victory. Accusations of antisemitism within the party immediately began to circulate. Well-known anti-racists and left-wing Jews, such as Jackie Walker, were amongst the chief targets.

WitchHunt sets out to investigate the stories and the people behind the headlines, examining the nature of the accusations. Is this a witch hunt, as some claim? If so, who is behind it, and what is the political purpose of such a campaign? Has the media failed in its duty to fairness and accuracy in reporting on such serious allegations? Through a series of interviews, analysis and witness testimony, WitchHunt explores the connections between the attacks on Labour, the ongoing tragedy of Palestine and the wider struggle against race-based oppression.

“The case of Jackie Walker is important. This film asks whether her lengthy suspension from the Labour Party and attempts to expel her are fair, or an injustice which should be challenged. She is not the only one in this position. See the film and make up your own mind” Ken Loach

JACQUELINE WALKER is a black, Jewish activist, she has been a teacher, Education Advisor on Equalities and Development Education and a community organiser. She was elected vice chair of her local Labour Party in South Thanet and was one of the leading figures in the campaign to defeat the leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, in the 2015 General Election. Walker campaigned for Jeremy Corbyn to be leader and was vice chair of Momentum. Her award winning memoir Pilgrim State is used in many Universities and her one woman show The Lynching has toured in the UK and overseas.

JON PULLMAN is an activist and filmmaker with a particular interest in the Middle East, where he has travelled widely. Pullman has produced several short documentaries on Palestine, including Children in Chains, about child prisoners under Israeli military occupation. Witch Hunt is his first feature length documentary.

WitchHunt Trailer

Jon Pullman
Jacqueline Walker
1hr 4mins