Stage Beyond Film Launch: Mind the Time & Reception

Wednesday 24 Nov 2021 - 7:00pm

Stage Beyond is an award-winning Theatre Company for adults with learning disabilities. Established in 2002, the company is the first of its kind to offer professional training in a wide variety of arts disciplines. Our focus is inclusion, access and excellence.

Covid and its impact potentially derailed our plans. However, we rose to the challenges presented creatively and fearlessly. Noticing that many artists had transferred their work to camera, we saw an opportunity for Stage Beyond to do the same.

The difficulty was, how could we create a project that could energise and help the company continue their excellence within the restrictions of Covid.

We decided to get family and carers involved; asking them to work with our members to film a memory on their phones in isolation and post it.

However, we soon realised that there was momentum with this idea. We decided that if we were to offer some kind of mentoring or coaching to the actors within the company, that could benefit the project. There were 16 actors. We would focus on 12 actor memories then use the remaining 4 actors as a chorus. As you will see tonight the chorus actors themselves form an integral part of the film.