Show Me the Picture: The Story of Jim Marshall

Saturday 17 Apr 2021 - 4:30pm to 10:00pm

An outsider with attitude, Show Me The Picture: The Story of Jim Marshall chronicles the infamous photographer’s life behind and outside the camera.

A child of immigrants and a life battling inner demons, Jim fought his way to become one of the most trusted mavericks behind a lens throughout 60s history. A passion for music led him to capture some of the most iconic figures in music history from Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, to the infamous image of Jimi Hendrix burning his guitar. It was at this time that he also began his obsession with capturing images of the iconic peace sign, which symbolised the powerful reaction to the escalating war in Vietnam.

Through these images and those of the jazz scene and vibrant counter-culture revolution of San Francisco and the early New York folk scene of the 60’s, Marshall’s photographs captured an era more powerfully than any moving image. In addition to documenting the dynamic music scene of the time, Marshall also photographed coal miners in Kentucky and families of murdered civil rights activists in Mississippi. It was his abrasive but honest approach, combined with an incredible skill to build trust, that gave him exceptional access to his subjects and allowed him to expand his portfolio beyond celebrities - documenting history across the ages.

'One of the greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll photographers.' - The Hollywood Reporter 

'This absorbing documentary traces the career of the photographer who captured memorable moments, from Johnny Cash in jail to The Beatles’ last gig.' - The Guardian

'Marshall didn’t just shoot some of the most iconic rock and roll pictures, but chronicles the time he lived in.' - Rolling Stone

'Jim Marshall, raging photographer of the freewheelin’ ‘60s, ‘70s and beyond on screen.' - Mojo

Alfred George Bailey
Galadrielle Allman, Adam Block, Anton Corbijn, Amelia Davis, Michael Douglas, Peter Frampton
United States, United Kingdom
1h 31min