Vanessa Redgrave

Sea Sorrow

Sunday 25 Nov 2018 - 6:00pm

Sea Sorrow marks Vanessa Redgrave’s debut as a director, with her son Carlo Nero acting as producer.

The film was shot in Greece, Lebanon, Italy, Calais, London, and Twickenham Studios where Vanessa focuses on the present and past history of refugees in Europe. Vanessa tells her own story beginning as a two-year-old evacuee from London at the outset of the Second World War; later as a student volunteer helping Hungarian refugees; and concluding with her return to Lebanon to visit Palestinian three-year-olds in a refugee camp nursery school.

Sir Peter Sutherland, who has been advising the UN General Secretary on international refugee protection, explains simply and forcefully why European governments must not break the conventions on asylum for refugees.

Ralph Fiennes, Emma Thompson and Simon Coates contribute unique scenes for the refugees, while the valiant Juliet Stevenson, who spent nine months working for the Calais children, alongside Help Refugees, Citizens UK and Safe Passage, speaks out at a rally in Parliament Square.

'Vanessa keeps her aim directly at the audience’s heart to hopefully overcome prejudices. The next campaign in the U.K. her family is pursuing is to allow in the close relatives of refugee children.' Nora Lee Mandel,

Vanessa Redgrave
Ralph Fiennes, Emma Thompson
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