The Meeting

The Meeting

Friday 29 Mar 2019 - 6:30pm


The Meeting is based on a real meeting, which took place between Ailbhe Griffith and the man who, nine years earlier, subjected her to a horrific sexual assault and left her seriously injured and fearing for her life. Griffith, in an extraordinary move, has chosen to play herself in this unique drama from filmmaker Alan Gilsenan. While the assailant, Martin, is played by actor Terry O’Neill.

In a modest room in a Dublin suburb, two people prepare for a meeting that could have an enormous impact on their lives. For both of them, it is a complete step into the unknown. What emerges is a truly unique and unorthodox cinematic experience as Ailbhe courageously seeks healing through a progressive form of justice, rapidly gaining momentum throughout the world.

Ailbhe Griffith is a Restorative Justice Advocate. She lives in Dublin and has worked in the Financial Services Industry for over ten years. Ailbhe has a personal interest in advocating for the use of Restorative Justice in cases of violent and sexual crime following her own experience of a Victim-Offender restorative justice meeting. Alongside Dr Marie Keenan, she has participated in a number of domestic and international restorative justice conferences where she shared her own story.

Dr Marie Keenan is a Lecturer at the School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice, University College Dublin (2000-present) and a member of the Advisory Board of UCD’s Criminology Institute. She was involved with the Australian Royal Commission into the abuse of children in an advisory capacity and an academic board member for reviews of the literature. Dr Keenan previously worked as a social worker and forensic psychotherapist in child protection (1976-79), mental health (1979-1984), the Irish Probation service based at the Training Unit in Mountjoy Prison (1984-1987) and addiction treatment (1987-1992). She was instrumental in establishing the Granada Institute in Dublin for the treatment of men who had perpetrated sexual crime against minors where she designed and was the co-ordinator of the treatment programme for five years (1995-2000). Dr Keenan is internationally recognised as one of the main leading international scholars in two main streams of research and scholarship: (1) Child Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church and (2) Restorative Justice and Sexual Violence. Her scholarship is multi-disciplinary and international with a current focus on social policy and therapeutic responses to crime.

Marie is an accredited psychotherapist, a restorative justice practitioner and a registered social worker. She has taught and led specialist workshops and presented her research and clinical work in Ireland, The United Kingdom, Belgium, Finland, The United States of America, Australia and South Africa.

The chair for the meeting will be Dr. Maeve O'Brien. Dr. O'Brien is a lecturer in English Literature at Ulster University, specialising in women’s writing and feminist theory. A writer and cultural critic, she has written for The Irish Times and The Independent (UK) among others. Maeve served on the board of the Sibéal Feminist and Gender Studies Network and is currently an activist with Alliance for Choice. Her book The Bloomsbury Companion to Sylvia Plath is due out in 2021.


The Meeting - Trailer

Alan Gilsenan
Ailbhe Griffith, Terry O’Neill, Kevin McCormack, Marie Keenan, Brenda McSweeney, Allan Keating.
1hr 35mins