The Wait

LIM International Short Film Competition Programme 5

Saturday 24 Nov 2018 - 3:00pm

Since 1999, the Foyle Film Festival has been an Oscar® affiliated festival - one of only a handful of festivals to enjoy this honour. In addition, Foyle Film Festival enjoys BAFTA recognition since 20


When an alienated mother returns to Bulgaria to abduct her 12 year-old son, she learns that it’s not always easy to avoid making the same mistakes.

Germany/Bulgaria/Belgium 2018 Director: Lyubo Yonchev Duration: 15 mins


All My Guardian Angels

Madrid, Christmas 2009, a newborn baby is abandoned in the middle of the street. Sheltered in a sports bag, the baby undertakes a journey of survival at the hands of nocturnal beings, who will act as unexpected guardian angels.

Spain 2018 Director: Bernabé Rico Duration: 15 mins


Quiet Land Good People

Sybille, a headmistress and politician, is in the middle of an election campaign for municipal council president. When her son is accused of mistreating a classmate, Sybille has to choose between morality and career.

Switzerland 2018 Director: Johannes Bachmann Duration: 25 mins


The Therapist

An unstable therapist is haunted by his own issues, while struggling to deal with a challenging patient.

UK 2018 Director: Ron Eyal Duration: 15 mins



Seattle is a love story between Ivån, a pilot and Amanda, a stewardess through their meetings in hotels around the world.

Spain 2018 Director: Marta Aledo Duration: 19 mins


The Wait

Two people find comfort in one another after striking up a conversation at a bus stop.

UK 2018 Director: Jason McColgan Duration: 5 mins


All films in the competition have yet to receive certification. Some films may contain strong language, content and scenes that may be upsetting. For viewers under 18 years of age, parental discretion advised as programme may not be suitable.