Light In Motion Competition: International Shorts Programme 4

Saturday 27 Nov 2021 - 6:00pm
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International Shorts Programme Four

Please note all films in competition have yet to receive certification. Some films may contain strong language, graphic content and scenes that may be upsetting. For viewers under the age of 18, parental discretion is advised, as programmes may not be suitable.

Last Stop

A customer fills up at an isolated gas station, then douses his car with gasoline and threatens the gas station attendant with a lighter. Stars Dominique Pinon (Amelie, Delicatessen)

2021. France. Director: Pierre Ferriere, Duration: 9mins



A tattoo artist is forced to confront his past when a client knows what his tattoos really mean. Stars Eric Roberts.

2021. United States. Director: Matthew Avery Berg. Duration: 13mins.

Warning: Contains violent content and scenes that may be upsetting.



Natural selection says that only those who adapt will survive. What if humans have become stupid?

2020. Spain. Director: Carlos Gomez-Trigo.  Duration: 7mins.



Two women clean a farm murder scene.

2021. South Africa. Director: Dian Weys, Duration: 15mins



Trapped in a lonely existence, reclusive widower Roy (BAFTA Winner David Bradley) passes the days by cold calling strangers from the phone book, looking for brief moments of companionship. But when he accidentally calls adult hotline worker Cara (Oscar® winner Rachel Shenton), an unlikely friendship is born that will help them both rediscover the joy of life.

2021. UK. Directors: Tom Berkeley, Ross White. Duration: 16mins


The Student

In November 1973, there was a 3 days demonstration against the Greek Dictatorship. We follow the final minutes of the crew of the armoured tank that broke into the University, ending the uprising against the regime.

2021. Director: Vasileois Kalamakis. Duration: 9mins.


Shallow Breath

A drowning survivor must confront the dangerous fixation she has on the accident and the woman who saved her.

2021. Australia. Director: Robbie Studsor. Duration: 5mins.



A delinquent teenage boy learns a valuable lesson about growing up.

2020. USA. Director: Anthony Sneed. Duration: 5mins.


International Shorts Programme 4 Duration: 1 hour 18mins


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£3 + Booking Fee