Light in Motion Competition: Animated Shorts Package 3

Saturday 27 Nov 2021 - 12:00pm
£3 + Booking Fee

Animated Short Film Programme 3

Please note all films in competition have yet to receive certification. Some films may contain strong language, adult scenes and graphic content that may be upsetting. For viewers under the age of 18, parental discretion is advised, as programmes may not be suitable.

Lady Betty

In a cosy corner of a country pub, two old friends wile away the evening trading tall tales. Soon they begin telling the story of Lady Betty, the first and only female executioner in Ireland. 

2021. Ireland. Director: Paul McGrath. Duration: 7 mins.


Memento Mori (Remember Death)

In Victorian London, a post-mortem photographer receives his latest subject, a recently deceased young woman, late one stormy night.

2021. Ireland. Director: Paul O’Flanagan. Duration: 9 mins.


Her Song

Eve learns of her Grandmother's harrowing history in a Mother & Baby home. 

2020. Ireland. Directors: Éabha Bortolozzo, Jack Kirwan. Duration: 7 mins.



The longest night ever known will never end unless one small boy can find the light and bring it back to the world.

2020. Ireland. Director: Grainne Mc Guinness. Duration: 30 mins.


Animated Short Programme 3 Duration: 53 mins.


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£3 + Booking Fee