Light in Motion Awards – Irish Short Film Programme One

Saturday 18 Nov 2017 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm
£3 + 50p booking fee

The first programme for the Light in Motion Irish short film awards

Away With The Fairies

Distressed new mother Maura becomes fixated on the idea that there might be sinister forces at work, deliberately causing her baby’s unease.

Ireland.2017. Director: Helen Flanagan. Duration:13mins



There is a legend among fishermen that to have a woman on a boat is bad luck. Fergus is about to discover how this legend came about.

Ireland. 2017. Director: Tara Hegarty. Duration: 8mins



A stranger approaches a young army corporal at the dawn of the Romanian revolution. The corporal must decide if this stranger is friend or foe.

Ireland.2017. Director: Chris Lodge. Duration: 15mins


For You

A young girl struggles with an alcoholic mother, her environment and entering adulthood, until an act of devotion from her boyfriend offers relief and the strength to love.

Ireland.2017. Director: Brendan Canty. Duration: 12mins


Saving Santa

A little girl, still dealing with her mother's death, comes across a destitute man, a street drinker who bears a striking resemblance to Santa Claus.

Northern Ireland. 2017. Director: Keith O’Grady. Duration: 17 min



An elderly man near the end of his life passes lonely days in an old folk’s home writing letters to an old friend. But the arrival of a new occupant in the home opens the doors to his past and changes everything.

Ireland/Canada. 2017. Director: Alexander Wilson–Flynn. Duration: 15mins


Nice Night For It

Ground down by endless nights awake, an insomniac takes a nighttime walk, where she finds comfort in a fellow sleepless stranger.

Ireland.2017. Director: Rachel Carey. Duration: 7mins



All films in the competition have yet to receive certification. Some films contain strong language and themes that may be upsetting to people of a sensitive nature. Not suitable for audiences under 18 years of age.

1hr 27mins
£3 + 50p booking fee