orient city

Light in Motion Awards – Animation Programme One

Saturday 25 Nov 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm
£3 + 50p booking fee

The first programme for the Light in Motion Animated Short Film awards

Revelation – The City of Haze

After witnessing his mother’s death in a riot, Mai broke down and cannot remember his own name since. One day, a girl named Yi finds him and brings him back to the City of Haze.

China.2017. Director: Qichao Mao. Duration: 14mins


Two Balloons

Two travelers return to a place crossed by stars and clouds where love is at the beginning of everything.

USA. 2017. Director: Mark C. Smith. Duration:  9min



2000 years from now, Qu Yuan, the poet and high priest who lived during the Warring States period of ancient China, believes that man can relief from pain by giving up their soul.

Hong Kong.2017. Director: Khong Chang Kong. Duration: 8mins


Night Shadows

In a dark, old victorian city, a young doctor is summoned by a mysterious coachman to attend a patient in need. Rushing to meet his client, the Doctor finds himself taking a dreadful journey to his own personal nightmare.

USA.2017. Director: Ivan Viaranchyk and Bat-Ami Rivlin. Duration: 7mins


Don’t Think of a Pink Elephant

Layla fights daily against urges and compulsions, until challenged to face her darkest fears.

UK.2017. Director: Suraya Raja. Duration: 7mins


Poles Apart

In a harsh Arctic landscape, a hungry and solitary polar bear has to decide if a naïve Canadian grizzly bear is her food or her friend.

UK. 2017. Director: Paloma Baeza. Duration: 12 min


Dream Logic

A girl with chronic nightmares is given a gift to help, but when it's accidentally broken her biggest fears become a reality and she must find a way to fight them on her own.
USA. 2017. Director: Meaghan Tosi. Duration:  3 min


True North

On the long journey home, a fisherman comes upon the wreckage of a ship and rescues a small boy that he finds asleep in a barrel.

UK.2017. Director: George Bowler. Duration: 8mins


Orient City: Ronin & The Princess

When a little girl’s family is assassinated in the unforgiving Orient City, the broken down, opium–addicted Ronin is charged with protecting her.

Hungary/USA.2017. Director: Ryan Colucci & Zsombor Huszka. Duration: 19mins



All films in the competition have yet to receive certification. Some films contain strong language and themes that may be upsetting to people of a sensitive nature. Not suitable for audiences under 18 years of age.

1hr 27mins
£3 + 50p booking fee